12 Shades Of Snow

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12 Shades of Snow

By Anne Onimous



I Dreamed A Dream That Was Bestowed

By Higher Beings In The Know

I Dreamed A Dream I Thought Was Fake

Until The Moment I Awake

My Sleep Drenched Eyes Gaze 'Pon This Place

As Pillows Nestle To My Face

My First Thought Of The New Day Springs

What Is Rainbow's End To Bring?



Like Sun O'Er Meadows Alone I Rise

And Float To Mirror's Familiar Eyes

A Glint Appears, A Light Turned On

A Day On Which To Shine Upon

I Twist A Loop Within My Hair

For Mirrror Knows Who Is Most Fair

And So It Is With One Last Curl

I Turn My Charms Upon The World.



A Gentle Breeze Guides Angel's Wings

The Hymns Of God To Me They Sing

A Gentle Choir Fills These Ears

Assuaging All My Darkest Fears

Invisible Hand To Deepest Space...

...I Sense I'm Worthy Of This Place

Upon The Ground On Which We'll Meet

Will You Genuflect And Kiss My Feet?



As Morning Spun To Highest Noon

Those Angels Sung A Different Tune

Though Not Quite In A Minor Key

I Ask What Might Become Of Me

A Neighbor's Scowl, A Stranger's Smile

You'll Be With Me Just For A While

I Hear Your Words, Your Timid Tone

Your Plea For Us To Be Alone



You Silly Goose, What Do You See

In Heaps Of Snow 'Pon Barren Tree?

A Joke Of Life, A Joke Of Death,

A Drifting Angel's Bated Breath?

As Rolling Clouds Bring Unicorns

With Horns Adorned With Crowns Of Thorns

Fraying Links To Things Divine

Static Sounds On Chosen Lines



A Supplement Of Fragile Thread

Stands Between My Self And Dread

Invisible To Naked Eyes

The Thinnest Of A Poor Disguise

I Shall Wink And I Shall Smile

And Leave This Face Up For Awhile

While Deep Beneath A Chaos Tears

Why Does Life Seem So Unfair?



Like Gemini Blessing Can Be Curse

A Moving Cycle Gone Reverse

This Act Of Love Snaps Off To Rage

Twin Killings – Double-Barrelled Blaze!

Abrupt Departure, Choir Lost

As If A Hurricane Has Tossed

All About Me You Hold So Dear

A Storm I've Tossed About In Fear



Oh What, Oh How, Oh Why, Oh Where

To Traverse Life Without A Care

Where Bunny Rabbits Skip Around

'Pon Luscious Meadows, Virgin Ground

I Float Two Feet Above And Torn

A Place On High, A Mind Forlorn

To Leave These Questions Plain Unasked

'S To Leave This Image Plain Unmasked



Oh What To Do Or Where To Go

How Dare You Not Ask Why I Know

As Sun Descends I Turn My Ass

You'll Not See Me Don Rose-Colored Glass

Yet Too Much Reverb In My Room

God's Deepest Tones They Speak Of Doom

Words I Now Can't Comprehend...

...Have I Returned To Find My End?



As Day Dips Quickly Into Night

I Search My Soul, Yet Find No Light

Is This A Positive Approach

To That Which We Could Not Encroach

A Monkey Screaming For A Fix

You Got Me Hooked, You Got Me Sick

Of Thee I Sing, Of Thee I Sing

Can We Just Drop This Fucking Thing?



The Wise Men Who Are In The Know

Are Wise Men Who Will One Day Show

That Monkey See Turns Monkey Do

And Proves You Never Had A Clue

So Miss Me Fare And Miss Me Well

Your Sin-Laced Thoughts Pave Roads To Hell

So Miss Me Long And Miss Me Deep

Alone And Cold How We Shall Sleep



I Lived A Life That Was Bestowed

By Higher Beings In The Know

I Never Knew My Life Was Fake

And Now I Know I Can't Awake

And The Bell Of Last Call Rings

No Angels Left, No Hymns To Sing

The Gods Of All Worlds Damn Themselves

Hee Hee Hee, I Laugh At You