300+ At Mt. Holyoke for Thomas & May Drugging Distress?

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Posted on Nov 15, 06

More than 300 people filled an auditorium at Mt. Holyoke College Monday the 13th for the "Drugging Our Distress? A Broader Look at Medication And Mental Illness" event co-sponsored with Freedom Center. The audience included students, professors, mental health professionals, survivors, Freedom Center organizers, activists, visitors from Boston, and more. Thanks to Professor Gail Hornstein for her leadership and work making this event happen and introducing and emceeing, and to Ed Russell and Kermit Cole for their audio and video wizardry.

Phil and Rufus also joined a provocative discussion with more than 20 people held at Windhorse Associates looking at UK advances in mental health care and how the US has a lot to learn. The group gathered included a professor from UMass, clinicians, survivors, and peer counselors.

Before heading on to Canada for a conference and then back to England, Phil and Rufus also spent time with Freedom Center organizers at a downtown restaurants, and took a hike up to the State Hospital grounds.

Thanks to these inspiring visionaries for bringing their work to Western MA!

(Audio courtesy of Active Ingredients) http://www.activeingredients.org)

Here is the audio of Phil Thomas: www.freedom-center.org/radio/PhilThomas11-06DruggingDistress.mp3

Here is the audio for Rufus May: www.freedom-center.org/radio/RufusMay11-06DruggingDistress.mp3

Here is the audio of their presentation at Windhorse Associates: http://www.freedom-center.org/radio/PhilRufusWindhorse11-06.mp3

Also coming soon is Phil's slide presentation

At Windhorse:

MA State Consumer Affairs director Steve Holochuck (L), National Empowerment Center's Judene Shelly (R), and in the center: Judi Chamberlin, one of the great founders and leaders of the psychiatric survivor movement:

Up at the old State Hospital grounds:

Celebrating with Freedom Center organizers at Paul & Elizabeth's:

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