Apology to those who have called us since March 9

Submitted by lee on Tue, 04/03/2007 - 08:00


Hello everyone, since the freedom center has switched over to a new server there has been a lot of problems with communication. One problem, is that we have not been able to check the voice mail since we have had our new 1800 number.

Today (Tuesday 8AM) I finally figured out how to check the voice mails and there were messages from many weeks ago of people in crisis or people who really needed a call back. *Please understand that we just got these messages today, and since it is very early in the morning it will be a few days before we get to respond to them.* Since we are all-volunteer and most of us work near full time jobs on top of this work it is common that we take a few days to respond. However, for those who have been waiting weeks, I want to formally apologize. Your struggle is important, and we will get back to you sometime in the next week. We think it is awesome that you are reaching out.

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