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Submitted by admin on Wed, 02/21/2007 - 03:34

Read our open discussion list (FC-Discuss) here for all kinds of forwarded emails, news items, announcements, and discussions:


We have one not-very-active list these days (most people are on the RLC list now)

To subscribe, send an email to

If you want to read the archives of the old Topica list, a massive compendium of incredible news items and discussion going back to 2001 and chronicling the ebb and flow of the sprawling mob amoeba that is the Freedom Center, go to


Note: posting to our fc-Discuss list is subject to the mission and values of the Freedom Center.


New: You can also subscribe to the great links in the "Madness News Network" feed in a weekly digest form. Just click this link and enter your email address.