FC Helps Win Housing Discrimination Lawsuit

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Posted on May 13, 05

Freedom Center helped win a lawsuit against a Northampton landlord who refused to take a Section 8 rental subsidy voucher!

After more than 2 years of litigation the case finally settled out of court. Freedom Center connected the plaintiff Will Hall with the Housing Discrimination Project, a low-income legal aid agency which filed the case and provided an attorney. FC also provided Will with emotional support and practical advice during the lengthy legal process and ongoing conflict with his landlord.

Landlords are legally required to cooperate with tenants who are eligible for Section 8 rental assistance. Many tenants don't know this, and landlords frequently get away with violating the law when they say "we don't take Section 8." Let's hope this lawsuit and settle serves as a message to all landlords in the area to clean up their acts!

If you or someone you know might have been denied Section 8 or discriminated against in any way, contact the Freedom Center or the Housing Discrimination Project for help.

Read the Springfield Republican article about the lawsuit.

Read the Daily Hampshire Gazette article about the lawsuit.


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