FC Presents at Herb Convergence

Submitted by admin on Sun, 10/05/2008 - 13:59

FC Organizer Mollie Hurter writes about the Northeast Herbal Convergence:


Freedom Center just did two presentations at the herbal convergence in
Ashfield. The convergence had a few hundred people at it from all over the
northeast and even some folks from the west coast. The Freedom Center’s
first presentation was Mollie presenting on a  panel about "access to
healthcare." This included talking about our acupuncture clinic
and support group and yoga class. The co-presenters were from Working
Class Acupuncture, from a farm that provided low-income friendly massage
and herbal treatments and from a NYC-based organizations who did a range
of accessible healing groups primarily for woman of color. Interestingly
enough, the NYC based group had some roots related to the Lincoln Recovery
Center in the south bronx. The Freedom Center’s acupuncture clinic was
also inspired by the Lincoln Recovery Center.
We were excited to be on a panel with an organization that shares our roots!

The second presentation was a workshop in wchih  Melissa, Amanda and
Mollie did a presentation about coming off of psychiactric drugs. The
presentation was done with two other people, one who was an acupuncturist
who had helped several people get off psychiatric drugs and the other who
worked with herbs and nutrition to help those who chose to get off drugs.
It was interesting to hear the means that these practioncers found helpful
with their clients regarding getting off psychiatric drugs. Melissa and
Amanda also got to share their personal
experiences and talk about the struggles they have had with psychiatric
drugs they have been on. This also included sharing their successes in
getting off psychiatric drugs and sharing the different resources they
used to help them.  In response to people’s questions about other options
for people in extreme state Mollie talked about Soteria House,
self-determination, advanced directives, and diagnoses. The Freedom Center
sold, bartered and gave away (to those who really had nothing but were in
high need) a few of our Coming Off Psychiatric Drug Guides too.