Forced Drug Campaign Update

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Forced Drug Campaign Update


Posted on Dec 07, 03

James Bower, the 25 year old ServiceNet client forced to take Haldol against his will, has refused to take his scheduled injection without police intervention so far. The DMH and ServiceNet received dozens of emails from around the country and even internationally as a result of our pressure campaign, and we are feeling positive that with all the public attention they won't force James to take the shot.

The Republican newspaper covered the forced drugging issue on the Local Section cover of their 11-23-03 issue and on the front page (!) of the 12-5-03 issue. There were also letters to the editor supporting Freedom Center in the 12-07-03 issue. (You have to enter a zip code, age and gender to access the pages.)

Despite the confusion about what we stand for and some ugly comments from NAMI, the press coverage is a great help to the movement. Our campaign has really made an impact on improving James' life and getting these issues visible! Congratulations especially to Dave Burns, whose community organizing efforts led this campaign, and to everyone who joined the effort.

Let's keep the momentum up to end forced psychiatric drugging and provide real alternatives.

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