Free SpeakOut CD's Now Available

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Free Speak-Out CDs
Now Available


Posted on Sep 03, 03

The audio recording of the July 2003 "Anguish and Joy of Madness: Speak-Out on Psychiatric Abuse and Alternative Recovery" is now available on two CDs. The CDs are broadcast quality and playable in any regular cd player.

We are making the CDs available for free; just email us at with your regular mailing address and we'll send them to you. If you can, donate to the Freedom Center to cover costs and help support us. You can use the 'Donate' button at left to make a secure charge to your credit card, write a check next time you see us, or donate something we can use (like blank 80-minute TDK CDRs, old computer equipment, or pick up the tab at our next Paradise Copies run).

We also have free CDs of Robert Whitaker's incredible _Mad In America_ talk last year.

Aaron Piziali has once again done a great job as Freedom Center recording engineer; you can contact him at

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