Freedom Center receives Northampton Community Block Development Grant!

Submitted by lee on Sun, 03/29/2009 - 13:51

Yet again, the city of Northampton has recognized the valuable services that Freedom Center has provided and has given the Freedom Center additional funding to keep our programs going. The city of Northampton awarded the Freedom Center $2,500 towards helping to maintain our weekly writing group, acupuncture clinic, yoga classes, and support group. All of these programs take place in Northampton and are free and open to the public and therefore provide lots of benefit to northampton residents.


The Freedom Center is excited to recieve this recognition and support, yet we are still facing a budget shortfall and are still operating on a shoestring budget. Our ability to maintain our current work, or to expand our work to even larger degrees still depend largely on donations. If you benefit from our programs or support the work we do and are interested in donating please contact us!

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