Hampshire Gazette Spotlights Freedom Center

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Gazette SpotlightsFreedom Center


Posted on Aug 23, 04

Closing the Medicine Cabinet Door: The Debate Over Drugs to Treat Mental Illness is an extended Daily Gazette feature story that was on the cover of the August 20th 2004 Hampshire Life magazine. It looks at the medication alternatives and choice aspects of our work, focuses on co-founder Oryx Cohen, includes interviews with several Freedom Center organizers, and covers Loren Mosher's 2003 visit. A side article gives more info. (You can read both stories, with photos, at the Gazette website, but you'll have to register.)

The story is a great sign that local media are starting to recognize alternative ways of seeing and treating 'mental illness,' and beginning to acknowledge that the struggle to defend human rights in psychiatry is far from over. Newspaper readers deserve to hear alternative views on this issue -- not just the mainstream, corporate medical view, which is growing less and less reliable every day as drug company scandals come to light.

If you can, take a moment to email the Hampshire Gazette. You can tell them you appreciate this coverage of the Freedom Center, that you support our work to provide human rights advocacy, true choice, and real alternatives, and that you hope they will continue to listen to independent survivor voices -- which have been missing from this debate for too long.

The email is opinion@gazettenet.com.

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