Hunger Strike for Freedom In Psychiatry

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Hunger Strike for Freedom in Psychiatry


Posted on Aug 22, 03

PASADENA, CALIF: On Sat., 16 August 2003 six "psychiatric survivors" from throughout the United States arrived in Pasadena, Calif. and began a hunger strike to press for human rights and choice in psychiatry.

Their demand: That the mental health industry produce even one study proving the common industry claim that "mental illness is biologically-based." The hunger strikers charge that the pharmaceutical industry and psychiatry are medicalizing an ever-widening spectrum of human emotion and behavior for financial gain, and are willing to deceive the public while they too frequently humiliate and harm their clients.

"The government gives virtually total support to a quick-fix, pill-pushing model of mental health at the expense of alternative, less invasive ways of helping people in emotional distress," asserts David Oaks, hunger striker and Executive Director of MindFreedom Support Coalition International.

There is more info on the Hunger Strike at the SCI Mindfreedom website, the alternate Hunger Strike Website, and at the Hunger Strike discussion board.

The American Psychiatric Association responded to the strike with a condescending and manipulative letter which basically said "go look in a textbook." So the Scientific Panel set up by the Strikers did just that -- and exposed APA deceit and hypocrisy with a powerful reply of their own.

Freedom Center's Will Hall just ended a 2-day fast in solidarity with the strike, and Oryx Cohen just started a half day fast; you can read about the growing number of solidarity strikers here.

We also have a vigil and solidarity fast on Wednesday the 27th at the City Hall steps in Northampton.

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