Jennifer Grimaldi Speakout

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Wednesday April 4, 2007

       I Jennifer Grimaldi was section twelve by the SPD and transported by AMR ambulance to Baystate Medical Center ER Crisis Unit. I was seen by several doctors and staff for a psych evaluation and when I was told I was not getting to go home I became upset and started to pray. Two security guards and several nurses came at me and attacked me. A doctor came in and shot me in my leg with meds I did not consent to. I sustained in juries to my back, head, face, chest, arms, legs and ankles. They also had help my mouth closed and pinched my nose so I couldn’t breath. I was completely terrified and in fear of my life. I had an allergic reaction to the meds they forced into me. This traumatic experience has left a scar on my life forever. I always believed you were safe and could trust your local hospital. I have reported this incident to the DMH and Health Department and to the SPD and Baystate Medical Center. I found the Freedom Center and have been coming there for help in my recovery. I would like to thank the people who are also involved with the Freedom Center and Cathy Levine for their help and support. I don’t know where I would be today without the “Freedom Center.”


In honor and respect to all mentally challenged people

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