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Author Bruce Levine on Surviving America's Depression Epidemic Tues, March 25 7pm

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Press Release
Contact: Erika Arthur 413/ 253-5432

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Are You *Surviving America's Depression Epidemic*?

*Author Bruce Levine to Present at Food for Thought Books*
AMHERST – Author Bruce Levine will present and read from his new book,
*Surviving America's Depression Epidemic: How to Find Morale, Energy, and Community in a World Gone Crazy* at 7 pm on Tuesday, March 25 at Food for Thought Books in Amherst.

Lilly Settles with Whistleblower Doctor Over Zyprexa Files

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David Egilman, the expert witness who last winter caused a huge controversy by providing The New York Times with sealed documents indicating Lilly downplayed or hid harmful Zyprexa side effects and improperly promoted the antipsychotic to doctors, has struck a deal with the drugmaker.

(The court earlier ruled that Freedom Center organizer Will Hall and some others named were no longer under an injunction, but maintained the injunction on several others.)

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Bed-Push A Great Success!

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Listen to the coverage on NPR affiliate WAMC!

Read coverage in the Gazette

Check out the slideshow!


The bed-push was an amazing feat -- unbelievable -- we lost a wheel about half way there... and then another... and then another.. until we were down to ONE WHEEL! So people CARRIED the bed, in the grueling heat, all the way to downtown. INCREDIBLE!!!

Freedom Center on Zyprexa In Adbusters

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Will just published an article in Adbusters magazine on the Zyprexa memos scandal. Download it here

Read article & comments on Adbusters site here.

Lamictal Almost Killed My Close Friend

Submitted by will on Tue, 03/13/2007 - 17:57

I'm at the Best Western in Northampton watching the Food Channel with my dear friend, happy she's not dead. Because she might have been, and I might be writing a eulogy and preparing a memorial instead of this blog post. She started taking the bipolar drug Lamictal, and it almost killed her.

When I got back into town last week I was excited to return to my friend who took care of my apartment, sorting through my kitchen and taking care of my mail. We're settling in to our close friendship, watching bad movies and catching up on the last two months, and its great. Except two days after I'm back she's sick, staying in bed and complaining of a lot of pain.

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Secret Zyprexa Documents: Come And Get Them...

Submitted by will on Sun, 03/04/2007 - 12:34
Yes, Freedom Center can now tell you how to get the Zyprexa documents...
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Excellent Zyprexa Scandal Coverage from Evelyn Pringle + Furious Seasons; Also Check

Submitted by will on Sun, 03/04/2007 - 12:30
Evelyn Pringle, reporter for Op-Ed News, and Philip Dawdy, of the Furious Seasons blog, have been covering the Zyprexa scandal closely. Also, Jim Gottstein's firm, as well. Other than Mindfreedom, AHRP, and ICSPP, the 'consumer-survivor movement' has been silent on this issue. Could it be the money ties?
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Zyprexa Leak Story in Springfield Republican

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Gazette Zyprexa Editorial & Valley Advocate Story

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Read the Gazette editorial and the Valley Advocate stories, below.

Hampshire Daily Gazette
In Our Opinion: Eli Lilly's bitter medicine


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Front Page Gazette on Lilly Gag Order

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Front Page Gazette
On Lilly Gag Order


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Mad In America

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Mad In America:

Bad Science, Bad Medicine,
and the Enduring Mistreatment of the Mentally Ill

Mad In America book cover

Electronic Frontier Foundation Takes Zyprexa Case

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EFF Defends Right to Link from Internet Wiki

Legal Battle Over Controversial Prescription Drug Zyprexa

San Francisco - The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) today defended the First Amendment rights of a citizen-journalist to link from a public "wiki" to electronic copies of damaging internal Eli Lilly documents relating to the controversial prescription drug Zyprexa.

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Eli-Lilly Slaps Will Hall, Others w/Injunction Over Leaked Drug Memos

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Posted on Dec 30, 06

Will Hall just received a court order signed by US District Court Judge Hon Brian M. Corgan regarding the Eli-Lilly documents Alaska Attorney Jim Gottstein leaked to the New York Times. The order, dated Dec. 29th, says that the "following individuals who have received documents... are hereby enjoined from further disseminating these documents... injunction requires removal of any such documents posted at any website, and communication of this Order to anyone to whom these documents have already been disseminated..."

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Freedom Center Audio: Drugging Distress? Global Big Pharma colonialism w/Phil Thomas at Mt. Holyoke College 11-13-05

UK radical psychiatrist Phil Thomas' talk at Mt. Holyoke College "Drugging Our Distress?" event.