Coming Off Drugs Guide Now In Spanish! Guia Reduccion de Drugs Psiquiatricas Disponible en Castellano!

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guide cover CastellanoThe Harm Reduction Guide to Coming Off Psychiatric Drugs, published by The Icarus Project and Freedom Center, is now available in spanish - thanks to the dedicated translation work of Agustina Vidal from Buenos Aires Argentina.

Gail Hornstein Audio Interviews about Agnes's Jacket Book

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Listen to Gail Hornstein's radio interviews -- one on the local National Public Radio affiliate, WFCR and the other with Deborah Harper of


First Aid for Emotional Trauma -- handout

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A summary of what emotional trauma is and how to work to heal it, in a simple 2-sided handout sheet, written by Will Hall. This work is based on Peter Levine, Hakomi, Process-oriented Psychology, and Judith Levine.