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The Freedom Center's Peer Support Group

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Right now a small group of core organizers intends to offer more support groups in Northampton in the future. We don't have the resources at the moment to make this viable, and so we are focusing on resources and networking at the moment and hope to offer a monthly support group when all the preparations are in place . Please be in touch if you are interested in Freedom Center community events, volunteering, or otherwise helping.

Starting Hearing Voices Groups Training at RLC

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Recovery Learning Community is sponsoring a "Starting Hearing Voices Groups" training with Oryx Cohen, Gail Hornstein, Ron Coleman (UK Hearing Voices Network) and Paul Baker (UK Hearing Voices Network). This is a great opportunity to learn about how to create a hearing voices group in your area and become a hearing voices group facilitator.

Dates for the training are November 12th & 19th and December 3rd & 10th. Download the training application here. For more info, contact


Oryx Cohen

Recovery Learning Community

187 High St., Suite 303

Holyoke, MA 01040

Fax: 413-536-5466 (attn: Oryx)

Email: oryx@westernmassrlc.org

Wellness Resources

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Please note: Freedom Center is in a transformation process you can read about on our homepage; the website does reflect some older activities we are no longer offering, so check the homepage for updates and contact individuals involved. Thanks!

Hearing Voices Group -- Freedom Center/ Recovery Learning Community co-sponsored Tuesday

Hearing Voices Groups In the Western MA Area

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Freedom Center helped start Hearing Voices groups in the Western Massachusetts area and beyond - to find out more information, contact the Recovery Learning Community, which is actively involved with organizing Hearing Voices groups in the area. Thanks!


Hearing Voices groups are popular and fairly widespread in Europe, specially England. Hearing Voices groups do not pathologize the experience of hearing voices or experiencing other altered states, instead they ask the voice hearer: What do the voices mean to you? Join us for the first Hearing Voices group east of Wisconsin and share and get support from others with similar experiences! *Co-sponsored by the Center for Human
Development, RLC and the Freedom Center

Join The Community Power Kickoff - DATE CHANGE March 28th

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Freedom Center organizer Caty Simon is attending the Community Activation Network's Community Power Kickoff to represent us and would like other Freedom Center members & people interested in the mad movement to join her. The event is on DATE CHANGE March 28th at Hampshire College. 12-6PM--you'll be
directed by signs as soon as you get there showing you specifically where to go.

Here's a quick summary of the event.

SHARC Position Paper on Mandated Treatment and Harm Reduction

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A statement written for the Statwide Harm Reduction Coalition on why mandated treatment is not consistent with Harm Reduction philosophy, developed by Caty Simon and Will Hall.

New Freedom Center Support Group Facilitator

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Hello everyone! Thanks for giving me the opportunity to be the new support group facilitator. As a FC organizer and previous member of support group, I know what a special community resource the support group is, as a safe place for emotional support and unique alternative to the mainstream mental health system; an invaluable source of updated information about psychiatric medications and alternative options available to people in extreme emotional states and/or dealing with current or past trauma; an opportunity to learn about and become involved in the exciting psychiatric rights community; and much more.

Western MA Recovery Learning Community

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The Western Mass Recovery Learning Community (RLC) supports individuals in finding their own paths to recovery within the communities of their choice by offering trauma-informed peer supports and through the development of a regional peer network.


Check it out! www.westernmassrlc.org 

Boston Forum on PCA Issues June 26

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Please come advocate for mental health personal care attendants:


June 24 Facilitation Training [note new time]

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June 24 Facilitation Training

June 24th in Northampton the Recovery Learning Center and Freedom Center are offering a 3-hour Facilitation Training, led by Freedom Center organizer and Icarus Project staff Will Hall.

Tools for Facilitators

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A collection of handouts from the recent Freedom Center June '07 facilitation training, co-sponsored by the Recovery Learning Center. Download here.

Peer Services Jobs Available for Survivors - Apply Now

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The Western Mass Recovery Learning Community (WMRLC) is a new,
Peer-driven program supporting a recovery and trauma-informed
environment in which individuals with diagnoses and/or experiences with
serious mental illness and/or extreme states can assume meaningful roles
in their communities. We are seeking candidates for the following

County Coordinators
Peer Worker
Spanish-speaking Peer Worker
Advocacy Coordinator


Lived experience with a mental health diagnosis and/or extreme states
required for all WMRLC positions. Bicultural/bilingual (Spanish/ASL)
encouraged to apply. The WMRLC is a program of The Western Massachusetts

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Second Yoga Class Thursdays 3:30pm Begins 4-26

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A second Freedom Center free Weekly yoga class will
meet at Forbes library, Thursdays 3:30pm. This class
is free and open to the public. Mark your calendar,
we will start next week. Spread the word.

for more info: www.freedom-center.org