Get Involved With Our Spring Speakout w/ Leah Harris!

Submitted by caty on Fri, 01/23/2009 - 11:38

Freedom Center is organizing a spring Speak Out and we want your help! Join slam poet and mental health activist Leah Harris from DC, Caty Simon, Lee Hurter and others. We need speakers and volunteers for this upcoming event -- get in touch with caty(at)freedom-center(dot)org.

12 Shades Of Snow

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12 Shades of Snow

By Anne Onimous



I Dreamed A Dream That Was Bestowed

By Higher Beings In The Know

I Dreamed A Dream I Thought Was Fake

Until The Moment I Awake

My Sleep Drenched Eyes Gaze 'Pon This Place

As Pillows Nestle To My Face

My First Thought Of The New Day Springs

What Is Rainbow's End To Bring?



Like Sun O'Er Meadows Alone I Rise

And Float To Mirror's Familiar Eyes

A Glint Appears, A Light Turned On

A Day On Which To Shine Upon

I Twist A Loop Within My Hair

For Mirrror Knows Who Is Most Fair

5th Annual Art Show Sunday June 3rd

Submitted by heather on Sun, 06/03/2007 - 10:13
The 5th Annual Art Show of the Western Mass Training Consortium

: a group exhibit of the 2007 Career Initiatives Artisits: Virginia Harlow, Larry Ditman, Janice Sorensen

Opening reception:
Apollo Grill at Eastworks - 116 Pleasant St. Easthampton, MA
Sunday June 3 1pm-4pm
Music, poetry and refreshments!
Performances by: Robin Lane, A Woman's Voice and Chaya Grossberg

More info available at www.wmtcinfo.org/art.shtml