Major UK Study Shows No Evidence For Forced Drugging

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A major new study in latest Journal of Advanced Nursing says there is no clincal evidence in research that forced drugging helps people. Instead, the practice is "taken for granted." According to the BBC, "Very few rigorous investigations of the use of coerced medication have been done despite it being widespread, the Journal of Advanced Nursing reported.

The dearth of evidence is "unacceptable" and more should be done to find alternatives, the team said"

Buddhist Magazine Publishes on Retreat Discrimination

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Download scanned version here.


Freedom To Sit: Welcoming People Labeled with Psychiatric Disabilities at Buddhist Retreats
by Will Hall

Turning Wheel: A Journal of Socially Engaged Buddhism, Publication of the Buddhist Peace Fellowship Summer 2007

(download pdf scanned version)

FC Named in San Francisco Weekly Newspaper

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The San Francisco Weekly newspaper just did a big cover story on living without medication that mentions the Freedom Center as one of the leading survivor groups. Read the story on their website or download it here.

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Freedom Center on Zyprexa In Adbusters

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Will just published an article in Adbusters magazine on the Zyprexa memos scandal. Download it here

Read article & comments on Adbusters site here.

Gazette Zyprexa Editorial & Valley Advocate Story

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Read the Gazette editorial and the Valley Advocate stories, below.

Hampshire Daily Gazette
In Our Opinion: Eli Lilly's bitter medicine


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Front Page Gazette on Lilly Gag Order

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Front Page Gazette
On Lilly Gag Order


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Eli-Lilly Slaps Will Hall, Others w/Injunction Over Leaked Drug Memos

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Posted on Dec 30, 06

Will Hall just received a court order signed by US District Court Judge Hon Brian M. Corgan regarding the Eli-Lilly documents Alaska Attorney Jim Gottstein leaked to the New York Times. The order, dated Dec. 29th, says that the "following individuals who have received documents... are hereby enjoined from further disseminating these documents... injunction requires removal of any such documents posted at any website, and communication of this Order to anyone to whom these documents have already been disseminated..."

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NY Times Quotes Will in Story; Whitaker Replies

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Posted on Sep 19, 06

A Psychiatrist Is Slain, and a Sad Debate Deepens
Published: September 19, 2006
New York Times

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