12 Shades Of Snow

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12 Shades of Snow

By Anne Onimous



I Dreamed A Dream That Was Bestowed

By Higher Beings In The Know

I Dreamed A Dream I Thought Was Fake

Until The Moment I Awake

My Sleep Drenched Eyes Gaze 'Pon This Place

As Pillows Nestle To My Face

My First Thought Of The New Day Springs

What Is Rainbow's End To Bring?



Like Sun O'Er Meadows Alone I Rise

And Float To Mirror's Familiar Eyes

A Glint Appears, A Light Turned On

A Day On Which To Shine Upon

I Twist A Loop Within My Hair

For Mirrror Knows Who Is Most Fair

Bed-Push A Great Success!

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Listen to the coverage on NPR affiliate WAMC!

Read coverage in the Gazette

Check out the slideshow!


The bed-push was an amazing feat -- unbelievable -- we lost a wheel about half way there... and then another... and then another.. until we were down to ONE WHEEL! So people CARRIED the bed, in the grueling heat, all the way to downtown. INCREDIBLE!!!

Alan Arenius, 1961-2007

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Friend to many of us Alan Arenius passed away saturday, from melanoma that spread quickly through his body.

Alan was in his 40s and this is a terrible loss. He was a brilliant actor and creative genius, a gentle soul who struggled for years with madness, isolation, alcohol and poverty.

His life also soared to amazing heights. He was a very talented actor who toured with the legendary anarchist communal theater company Living Theater in Europe, and performed in The Laramie Project in Northampton. Alan deserved better than these last years, which were so painful for him.

Safe journey, Alan.

With love, admiration, and sadness,

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