Lilly Settles with Whistleblower Doctor Over Zyprexa Files

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David Egilman, the expert witness who last winter caused a huge controversy by providing The New York Times with sealed documents indicating Lilly downplayed or hid harmful Zyprexa side effects and improperly promoted the antipsychotic to doctors, has struck a deal with the drugmaker.

(The court earlier ruled that Freedom Center organizer Will Hall and some others named were no longer under an injunction, but maintained the injunction on several others.)

An order filed in US District Court in Brooklyn, NY, shows that Egilman, a 54-year-old associate professor at Brown University, acknowledged violating a protective order that required court documents to remain sealed. And he’s agreed to pay $100,000, which Lilly will donate to the International Center for Clubhouse Development. By agreeing to the deal, Egilman avoided facing civil and criminal contempt penalties.

from: Pharmalot blog.

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