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Forbes Magazine Sept. 2006: Healing Voices


Mad Pride Fights a Stigma -- New York Times 05/11/08


Freedom To Sit: Welcoming People Labeled with Psychiatric Disabilities at Buddhist Retreats 06-07


Big Headache for Big Pharma was a 4-07 Adbusters magazine article written by Will Hall about the Zyprexa memos scandal. 4-07

Anti-psychotic drug sparks battle was a 1-29-07 article in the Springfield Republican daily newspaper about Will Hall and the Zyprexa memos leak. (also 1-29-07

"In Our Opinion: Eli Lilly's bitter medicine" was a 1-22-07 official newspaper editorial in the Hampshire Daily Gazette about the Lilly gag order strongly supporting Freedom Center. 1-22-07

Activist gagged for drug fact leak in Lilly case was a front page Hampshire Gazette story about the Eli-Lilly gag order. The court order seeks to cover up leaked documents showing criminal fraud in Lilly's schizophrenia drug Zyprexa.1-16-06
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A Psychiatrist Is Slain, and a Sad Debate Deepens is another New York Times story quoting Freedom Center co-founder Will Hall, this time on the debate about forced drugging in the wake of a murder of a prominent psychiatrist by his patient. 9-19-06.

Are Schizophrenia Drugs Always Needed? was a New York Times story tha quotes Freedom Center co-founder Will Hall. The article is full of unexamined assumptions and misleading information (see our news page for Robert Whitaker's critique), but represents a recognition by the mainstream press that the pro-medication consensus doesn't stand up to scrutiny. Significantly, John Bola's study is not new -- it just has taken years to finally get published because of the way it defies the party line. 3-21-06

Easy access to acupuncture, Freedom Center in Northampton offers free treatments in the Hampshire Gazette discusses our highly successful free acupuncture clinic: 3-7-06

Grant money keeps dreams alive In the Springfield Republican features Freedom Center's Oryx Cohen on the Career Initiatives grant program of the Western MA Training Consortium, where Oryx Works, a program funding work, art, and other projects by people with mental health labels: 1-22-06.


Oryx Cohen: How do we Recover? An Analysis of Psychiatric Survivor Oral Histories Journal of Humanistic Psychology 2005 45: 333-354 is Oryx's master's thesis on survivors and recovery in a prestigious psychology journal: 2005


Ten Dyke Activists To Watch from Curve Magazine selected Freedom Center organizer Caty Simon as a leading national activist: 03-05


Parties settle in housing case in the Springfield Republican reports on a lawsuit Freedom Center helped the Housing Discrimination Project win against a landlord who refused to accept Section 8 housing voucher.: 3-15-05.

Ex-landlord to pay tenant in housing discrimination case covered the discrimination suit in the Hampshire Daily Gazette: 3-15-05

Firing Highlights Feud In Mental Health Field was a cover page a-1 and back cover story in the Springfield Republican News on the firing of Mary Rives as head of the Western Mass chapter of NAMI for her dialog with the Freedom Center. Also available on the Republican website, and there is a detailed interview with Rives in our news section: 2-28-05.

Stavros Commends Advocates' Work" was a page A-3 story on the 2004 Ted Martineau awards for Hampshire County disability advocacy presented by the Stavros Center for Independent Living to Oryx Cohen, and Will Hall of Freedom Center. Mike Nagy of the Committee on Disabilities also received the award: 12-17-04.


Closing the Medicine Cabinet Door: The Debate Over Drugs to Treat Mental Illness a detailed Hampshire Life front page feature story by Kathy Mellen, including interviews with several Freedom Center organizers and coverage of Loren Mosher's 2003 visit to the area. A side article gives more info, and you can also read the article with photos on the Gazette website. Download nice scanned version here. 8-04-04.

"Prozac Nation: Is The Party Over?" is a September 6, 2004 feature story in the international business magazine _Forbes_ that covers the growing SSRI antidepressant scandal and includes an interview with Freedom Center's Will Hall: 9-06-04.

"Social Work Grads Stay True To Cause" a page A3 Hampshire Gazette story about the Class Gift the Smith Social Work School graduating students gave Freedom Center: 8-26-03.

"The Legacy of Madness Lifetime of losses: the hidden costs of growing up with a mentally ill parent" by Lisa Lieberman was the cover of the Dec. 30th Valley Advocate newspaper and includes interviews with Freedom Center members Catherine Simon and Ruth Ehrenberg.

"Psychiatric Survivors" is a 7-04 radio news feature produced by the large National Public Radio affiliate station WFCR. It includes sound-bites from Freedom Center speakers, and can be downloaded from the WFCR website.Unfortunately this audio is no longer available from the WFCR website or the reporter, Karen Brown.

"Mental Health Advocate Retires" front page coverage of NAMI Western MA President Jane Moser retiring (not long after Freedom Center called for her resignation): 2-11-04 Springfield Union News Republican.

Letters to the Editor from Freedom Center on Sunday following 12-05-03 Union News Republican story.

"Advocates At Odds Over Mentally Ill" front page debate with NAMI on forced drugging: 12-05-03 Springfield Union News Republican.

"Group Opposes Forced Drugging" local section front page on our campaign to end forced Haldol treatment of ServiceNet client James Bower: 11-23-03 Springfield Union News Republican.

"ServiceNet Faulted for Treatment" local section front page about our ServiceNet protest: 8-5-03 Springfield Union News Republican.

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