Movement Mourns Loren Mosher's Death

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Movement Mourns
Loren Mosher's Death


Posted on Jul 13, 04

Loren mosherAt Loren's Mosher's talk last year at Mt. Holyoke College I introduced him as "A beacon of hope in a dark, dark time." He was a warm, inspiring, and determined man with puckish charm and a sharp intellect who devoted his life to going against the grain of psychiatry and the pharmaceutical companies. He stood for the true healing of people suffering severe emotional crises. He was one of the heroes of our movement.

Loren was the former head of the National Institute of Mental Health's Center for Schizophrenia Studies. He created Soteria House, a center for people in 'psychotic' crisis that did not rely on psych drugs and documented through two detailed studies more effective recovery outcomes than traditional, pro-drug treatments. You can read about Soteria and Loren's work at

Loren's visit to Northampton drew nearly 150 people to a packed room at Mt. Holyoke College. The turnout, like the huge turnout at other Freedom Center events, was further evidence of a groundswell of interest in a new way of helping people in extreme emotional crisis. We were honored that Loren was excited to work with us on creating a crisis house based on his work, and his interest was tremendously encouraging to our efforts. We were looking forward to return visits by Loren to the area and ongoing collaboration.

Now we learn of his unexpected death at age 70, from liver disease at a clinic in Germany. He is irreplaceable and will be greatly missed. Fortunately Loren just finished his book about Soteria that is being published soon, and his challenge to the mental health establishment will be felt for many years to come.

I encourage everyone to read the detailed profile of Loren that was the cover story of the San Diego Reader:

With great sadness,
Will Hall
Freedom Center

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