The Freedom Center's Peer Support Group

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Right now a small group of core organizers intends to offer more support groups in Northampton in the future. We don't have the resources at the moment to make this viable, and so we are focusing on resources and networking at the moment and hope to offer a monthly support group when all the preparations are in place . Please be in touch if you are interested in Freedom Center community events, volunteering, or otherwise helping.

Contact Us

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If you are looking for local recovery and peer movement resources in general rather than the Freedom Center specifically, we recommend that you first contact the Recovery Learning Community. Thanks!

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Lee Hurter's Hampshire Thesis On Freedom Center

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Longtime organizer Lee Hurter wrote her Hampshire College thesis on Freedom Center, including interviews with several Freedom Center organizers. Download and read the thesis at the link below.

Email Lists

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Read our open discussion list (FC-Discuss) here for all kinds of forwarded emails, news items, announcements, and discussions:



We have one not-very-active list these days (most people are on the RLC list now)

To subscribe, send an email to fc-discuss-subscribe@lists.riseup.net.


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The Freedom Center is transforming! Please see our update post for info.

The Freedom Center is a support and activism community run by and for people labeled with severe 'mental disorders.' We call for compassion, human rights, self-determination, and holistic options. We create alternatives to the mental health system's widespread despair, abuse, fraudulent science and dangerous treatments. We are based in pro-choice harm reduction philosophy regarding medical treatments, and include people taking or not talking medications.

Want to Volunteer?

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If you would like to volunteer with Freedom Center, here are a few suggestions that would make a big difference!

Donate a service, such as a chair massage, a homeopathy session, a haircut etc
Ask about giving a holisitc health presentation at a group meeting
Donate old computers, not broken please
Donate items you might be thinking about putting in a yard sale, such as kitchen
appliances, tools, books, backpacks and clothes
Put together a box of nonperishable foods
Print out flyers under the resource section and post them around town
Come to an acupuncture or yoga session and meet our members
Help us sustain our free services by giving a monetary donation
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Origins, History, and Vision

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About Us

Mad Pride Outreach Day 2002

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Peer Educator Guidelines working draft

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Creative Commons Site Copyright, Sharing, and Fair Use

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