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Please note: Freedom Center is in a transformation process you can read about on our homepage; the website does reflect some older activities we are no longer offering, so check the homepage for updates and contact individuals involved. Thanks!

Hearing Voices Group -- Freedom Center/ Recovery Learning Community co-sponsored Tuesday

Coming Off Drugs Guide Now In Spanish! Guia Reduccion de Drugs Psiquiatricas Disponible en Castellano!

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guide cover CastellanoThe Harm Reduction Guide to Coming Off Psychiatric Drugs, published by The Icarus Project and Freedom Center, is now available in spanish - thanks to the dedicated translation work of Agustina Vidal from Buenos Aires Argentina.

Email Lists

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Read our open discussion list (FC-Discuss) here for all kinds of forwarded emails, news items, announcements, and discussions:


We have one not-very-active list these days (most people are on the RLC list now)

To subscribe, send an email to

Web Links, Articles, Organizations and More...

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Check our Email Discussion List Archive for news articles and other recent resources, starting in 2006.

Our Archive of Discontinued Topica Email Discussion List also has news articles and other resources from 2001-2006.

Check our Latest Web Links Feed on for a ton of additional recent links -- articles, news, websites. Updated regularly, recent items appear on the sidebar to the right.

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Contact Recovery Learning Community for Area Support Groups Information

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Note that offering free support groups for many years in Northampton, these services are now being offered by the peer run Recovery Learning Community in Holyoke. The Freedom Center community sometimes also organizes groups and meetings depending on local interest, so check the Freedom Center homepage for updates. THANKS!

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Gail Hornstein Audio Interviews about Agnes's Jacket Book

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Listen to Gail Hornstein's radio interviews -- one on the local National Public Radio affiliate, WFCR and the other with Deborah Harper of


SHARC Position Paper on Mandated Treatment and Harm Reduction

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A statement written for the Statwide Harm Reduction Coalition on why mandated treatment is not consistent with Harm Reduction philosophy, developed by Caty Simon and Will Hall.

Western MA Recovery Learning Community

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The Western Mass Recovery Learning Community (RLC) supports individuals in finding their own paths to recovery within the communities of their choice by offering trauma-informed peer supports and through the development of a regional peer network.


Check it out! 

First Aid for Emotional Trauma -- handout

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A summary of what emotional trauma is and how to work to heal it, in a simple 2-sided handout sheet, written by Will Hall. This work is based on Peter Levine, Hakomi, Process-oriented Psychology, and Judith Levine.

Tools for Facilitators

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A collection of handouts from the recent Freedom Center June '07 facilitation training, co-sponsored by the Recovery Learning Center. Download here.

Coming off Psychiatric Drugs: Successful Withdrawal from Neuroleptics, Antidepressants, Lithium, Carbamazepine and Tranquilizers

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Coming Off Psychiatric DrugsThe world-wide first book about "Successful coming down from psychiatric drugs." With experience-reports of 28 (ex-)users and survivors of psychiatric drugs from all over the world and additional articles of psychotherapists, physicians, psychiatrists, natural healers and other professionals helping withdraw.

Freedom Center Audio 2007-03-21: International Network Towards Alternatives For Recovery - INTAR

INTAR - the International Network Towards Alternatives for Recovery - had a 2005 gathering of people from around the world working on ways to help people with schizophrenia, bipolar and other diagnoses without the medical model. This hour-long show interviews 13 participants.

Mad In America

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Mad In America:

Bad Science, Bad Medicine,
and the Enduring Mistreatment of the Mentally Ill

Mad In America book cover

Freedom Center Audio 11-06: David Burns: Freedom Center Origins, Inner Work, Howard Hughes Syndrome

Freedom Center founding member and organizer David Burns discusses the early days of Freedom Center, when he worked as a "secret agent" on the streets and in a Northampton mental health residence, collecting information on psychiatric abuse for Freedom Center's human rights activist campaign. Dave also describes his life and experiences labeled "obsessive-compulsive disorder" from a spiritual and creative viewpoint, including the "inner work" he does.

Buenos Aires, Argentina 11-07: Convocatoria de Usuarios Salud Mental

Invitation to the first Argentina meeting of the newly formed Asamblea de Usuarios Salud Mental, the country's mental health user and patient controlled advocacy organization, read by Agustina Vidal. You can also listen to the entire interview with three founding activists of the group.

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Buenos Aires, Argentina 11-07: Interview with Asamblea de Usuarios Salud Mental

Will Hall did this interview with three mental health service user activists in Buenos Aires Argentina who recently were part of the founding of the first user's group in the country's history, the Asamblea de Usuarios Salud Mental. The group's historic organizing efforts were supported by the Centro de Estudios Legales y Sociales  ( and Mental Disability Rights International ( You can also listen to the Convocatorio calling for the founding assembly of the group in December.

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Freedom Center audio: Will Hall How Lawyers Can Be Allies 11-06 NARPA National Conference

2006 National Association of Rights Protection and Advocates conference presentation by Will Hall.

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Freedom Center audio: Drugging Our Distress? Rufus May at Mt. Holyoke College 11-13-06

Schizophrenia survivor and leading UK activist Rufus May talks about his experiences with madness and becoming a psychologist at the Mt. Holyoke college Freedom Center event.

Freedom Center audio: 2006-11: Abigail Adams Peer Legal Advocacy NARPA 11-06


Freedom Center legal director Aby Adams presentation on mental health law and peer advocacy at the 2006 conference of the National Association of Rights Protection and Advocacy.Freedom Center legal director Aby Adams presentation on mental health law and peer advocacy at the 2006 conference of the National Association of Rights Protection and Advocacy.

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Alternatives Conference Portland Oregon2006: Will Hall Trauma, Wildness, and Body Awareness

Drawing on Peter Levine, Hakomi, and Process-oriented psychology, Will Hall presents a short introduction to a body-oriented approach to healing emotional trauma. Also check out the attached trauma handout, below.

Freedom Center Audio 12-05: Arlene & Jean-Claude Audergon Process Work Psychology

Based In London, Arlene Audergon and Jean-Claude Audergons' Process Work approach, a spiritual and psychotherapeutic method developed by Jungian analyst and MIT-trained physicist Arnold Mindell, addresses extreme states and psychosis, addiction, conflict resolution, organizational development, creativity, dreams, and other human problems. This interview is an overview of Process Work with madness and psychiatric symptoms, including community work in mental facilities, and includes discussion on psych medication, suicide, and addiction. Check out and