ServiceNet Initiates Acupuncture Project

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ServiceNet Initiates
Acupuncture Project


Posted on Jul 13, 04

ServiceNet, the area's largest mental health provider, will soon be providing funding for a new on-site acupuncture clinic pilot program for clients. This new opening to holistic health care -- which is proven to be more effective than traditional drug treatments for severe 'mental illnesses' -- is a small, but significant, step in the right direction.

Local licensed acupuncturist Claudia Sperber is ally of the Freedom Center, and has had great success treating people diagnosed with "mental illnesses" using traditional chinese medicine, herbs, supplements, nutritional counseling, massage, and acupuncture treatments. Claudia is very sensitive to the class issues surrounding access to alternative health care, and has offered her services for free or at low cost to clients in need.

After Freedom Center began pressing ServiceNet to provide alternative health care options to its clients, staff from ServiceNet's Progressive Recovery Program and Claudia began discussions about how to provide Claudia's services there funded by the agency. Claudia says the initial treatments and consultations will begin on a voluntary, drop-in weekly basis for clients using of space at one of the residential houses in Northampton.

It remains unclear how much institutional support ServiceNet will provide other than paying Claudia's fees for these treatments, but Claudia is optimistic that as word gets around interest will grow in the free services she is offering. ServiceNet is also seeking funding to continue the project after the initial pilot phase.

For more info about this effort, contact Claudia Sperber at

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