Smith SSW '03 Class Gift

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Smith SSW '03 Class Gift!


Posted on Aug 13, 03

Here's what Shawna Reeves Nourzaie, Student Representative of Smith College School of Social Work's 2003 graduating class just wrote to us:

"The graduating class has decided to give the Freedom Center our class gift, which is a donation of $600 [the donation was increased to $1500!!!]. So many of us were deeply moved and had our perspectives changed by what we heard at the Speak Out two weeks ago and by what we have read on your website. We really couldn't think of an organization more deserving of our class gift.

"Also, we strongly believe that the time for dialogue between members of the Freedom Center and Smith School for Social Work students is now. Freedom Center's members give us a perspective that is all but absent in our curriculum. It is crucial that we hear this perspective, and Smith needs to make this happen.

"Congratulations! We are so happy that our class gift is going to such an incredible organization. You all are an inspiration."

Thanks so much to these forward-thinking social workers for their act of support for our work. The donation is especially timely because of the recent cut-off of our funding. Freedom Center co-founder Will Hall is going to accept the gift at this Friday's graduation ceremony, 4pm at Smith's Ainsworth Gymnasium. Everyone is invited to join him there.

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