Spa Night Fundraiser

Submitted by lee on Wed, 09/02/2009 - 17:25

The Freedom Center along with Arise for Social Justice and Outnow of Springfield is co-sponsoring a SPA NIGHT!!

Come get massage, acupuncture, or reiki for the revolution!

Relax, rejuvinate and support revolutionaries!!

Wednesday 09/09/09 5-9pm at 43 Center Street (The Quaker
Meeting House)

Come Enjoy Spa Night!!!!

Choose from an amazing assortment of alternative healers, traditional
medicine practitioners, and holistic health care providers.
Explore the rejuvenating power of massage, acupuncture, cranial sacral,
reiki, herbal and ayurvedic medicine.

Tickets will be sold at $5 a piece, 6 for $25 OR you could purchase an all
access unlimited pass for $50!! Tickets will then be redeemed with a unique
variety of healers chosen by YOU!!! NO referrals, proof of insurance, or
premium payments necessary!!!!!

This event is to raise awareness and funds to support the activist resisting
the GREAT 20 (G-20) invasion on Pittsburg PA
Sept 22nd -25th, 2009.
The G-20 is a meeting of representatives from the world's twenty
most wealthy and powerful countries who meet to discuss how to further
first world dominance and perpetuate a corporate capitalism in which the
rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Citizens from around the country
and world will be there protesting to tell them: We don't want your
corporate globalization! We want a globalization that benefits common
people, not multinational corporations.

All proceeds will got to support the Frank Wellness Center in Pittsburg that
is being created in response to $10 Million police force that is coming into
Pittsburg for the G20 protests. (Obama has allocated these funds, weapons,
and he has promised that there will be 4,000 troops in Pittsburg during the

The hope is that The Wellness Center will be fully equipped to support
victims of police brutality and other protesters that are harmed during the
summit. You can learn more about the organizing around the G20 protests

The Frank Center is described more at this site, but in a
nutshell, it will be a center where people will be trained in NADA ear
acupuncture, peer support, basic bodywork, basic herbal medicine, and street
medicine, and will provide care beginning during the protests against the
Pittsburgh G20 Summit and continuing to serve the Pittsburgh community long
after the summit has ended.
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