Tues Aug 21 6-8pm Survivor Professional Forum Follow Up

Submitted by admin on Thu, 08/23/2007 - 14:05

Survivor-Professional Mental Health Open Forum


Members of Windhorse Associates and Freedom Center are invited to an open forum discussion Tuesday August 21st 6:00-8:0pm. Please call or email for location and details.

This is a follow up to the powerful July forum, and a step towards making these forums monthly. Future forums will be open to the broader community.

Please come if you are interested in having your voice heard, listening respectfully to others, and inquiring more deeply into your own beliefs and assumptions. The forum will be committed to group safety, and honesty and depth are the shared goals.

The forum's theme will be the difficult issue of self-determination and choice as they relate to self-destruction and harm. We will also look at community building between Freedom Center and Windhorse - and what the obstacles to potential collaboration might be.

This second open forum, focused on the Freedom Center and Windhorse communities, is a follow-up to our first forum, and part of a planned series; future meetings will invite broad participation from the larger local community of survivors and professionals. The aim is to build greater trust and community where possible, discover possible ways to improve mental health care in the local area, and for all sides of these issues to grow and learn.

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