We Love You Judi Chamberlin!

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Judi Chamberlin is one of the shining lights of the psychiatric survivor movement, working her whole life as a pioneer and leader who has never backed down or compromised. We just got this email from organizer Sylvia Caras of People Who, about Judi's health and her request that people be in touch with her.

If you've ever read the movement classic On Our Own, heard Judi's speech, or had a chance to hang out with her at a Freedom Center event or anywhere, or you just support her vision and presence, please email Judi and send some love. Don't be shy! Just email her! She is a strong Freedom Center ally and friend and wants to hear from you.

You can listen to a Madness Radio interview with Judi here, and get a sense of her fierce and compassionate voice for change.


Date:    Tue, 16 Dec 2008 13:52:35 -0800
From:    Sylvia Caras
Subject: Judi Chamberlin would be pleased to hear from old friends

Judi Chamberlin's  health is declining (COPD) and she's made the decision to enter a home hospice care program.    She writes "It would be great to hear from old friends, as well as from people whom I haven't met on a personal level but have interacted with at conferences and the like.   Please feel free to e-mail me at
chamjudi (at) aol (dot) com.  Being in touch with people who share my values and care about the issues that are so important to me is becoming evermore important.   Some people are nervous about "saying the wrong thing" or "not knowing what to say."  Telling me about the things you are doing will help me to feel that I'm still a part of the work of so many people over the years to make it possible for each person to make the fundamental decisions that affect his or her life, regardless of "illness" or "disability."   Warm regards, Judi "

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